Inside Drink: Recovery Smoothie V2

The benefits of our Ultimate Recovery Smoothie

For athletes looking for optimal recovery.

Better Protein

30g protein per serve.

DIAAS 1.61 (whey-based)

Repair muscles and adapt

Amino acids

>12g EAAs

5.7g BCAAs

>2.5g leucine

Building blocks for life

Quality carbohydrates

>14g fast-acting carbohydrates

Sourced from nautral ingredients

Replenish energy stores

Nature's superfoods

Micronutrient & phytonutrients

Antioxidants, polyphenols

Vitmains & minerals

Enahnce metabolic function

Unmatched quality

Freeze-dried to seal in nutrients

Recyclable packaging

Innovative manufacturing

Great taste

Whey and plant-based options

All-natural flavours

Nothing nasty