Frequently Asked Questions

Meal & Breakfast Questions

What is a Radix meal?

Radix meals are the world’s most nutrient-dense meal with 80+ vitamins, minerals, and whole-food sourced nutrients to help you perform and feel at your best. Made with all natural ingredients and flavoured with real herbs and spices. Ready in 5 minutes, just add hot water, sir and enjoy.


Behind each meal is our Radix Nutrition Architecture™, which represents our comprehensive nutritional design. Focused on achieving 100% of the optimal daily intake of essential vitamins and minerals. We go above and beyond with our examination of the body’s metabolic needs and set the standard for their fulfilment. With thousands of chemical reactions happening at any one time, your body is no simple machine. It demands a vast number of nutrients to function at its best. Radix meals make getting these nutrients simple.  

Which Radix meal is right for me?

The Original range is designed to provide a balanced nutritional profile, supplying the protein, carbohydrates, fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals your body needs to sustain an active lifestyle. It is suitable for most people, from dedicated athletes seeking performance to those who want to support their everyday health. With 400 and 600 calorie options, the original meal range can easily cater for individual needs and energy demands.


The Keto range provides a good source of protein, vitamins, and minerals whilst emphasising high-quality fats and limiting carbohydrates. This range is perfect for those looking to support their health and performance whilst adhering to a low carb diet. With 400 and 600 calorie options, the Keto meal range can easily cater for individual needs and energy demands.


The Ultra range is designed for highly active individuals with increased energy demands. It provides a balanced profile of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals, with higher fatty acid levels to increase the energy density of the meal. The Ultra range is suitable for those undertaking vigorous activities or challenging expeditions. Ultra meals come standard with 800 calories to accommodate greater energy needs.

What does a Radix meal taste like?

Radix tastes like real food. All meals are made with all natural ingredients and flavoured with real herbs and spices. They’re a great warm meal on a cold day and come in a variety of flavours.

What does a Radix meal look like?

Radix products are made from recognisable, 100% natural ingredients. That means when you look into the product you will see small pieces of recognisable food such as broccoli, capsicum, courgette, rice, carrot, etc.

The ingredients we prepare are smaller than that which you may prepare at home. This helps us protect the fragile nutritional qualities of our food and is a key part of where our quality comes from.

Our meals have a thick natural texture that can be eaten with a fork or a spoon.

What changed from Version 7 to Version 8?

Version 8 marks the introduction of RNA™, or Radix Nutrition Architecture™, which represents our comprehensive nutritional design approach. We now aim to fulfil the optimal daily intakes of over 80 different nutrients, including protein, carbohydrates, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and prebiotics. We’ve used RNA in version 8 meals to increase their overall nutrient density, in some cases by over 70% when compared to version 7!

Are Radix meals gluten free?

Yes! Every product we make is gluten-free and we handle no gluten on site.

Do Radix meals contain any allergens?

We have tried to remove most allergens from our meals. Some meals contain tree nuts (coconut milk) and some breakfasts include whey protein. Please check a meals nutrition information panel for a full declaration of allergens. This can be found on the product page or the back of a meal pack.


If you have a specific allergy that is outside of the information provided, please contact us and we will do our best to guide you on which products are suitable.

Are Radix meals vegan?



Most of our version 8 meals are formulated with all plant-based ingredients, except for a few breakfasts which contain whey protein. Some version 7 meals contain animal-based recipes, but these are being phased out as we strive to provide a more nutrient-dense meal that’s better for the planet.

Are Radix meals organic?

No, Radix Nutrition is not fully organic, although we do use a selection of organic ingredients when it makes sense. The challenge here is organic ingredients are very expensive and hard to secure adequate supply.

Are Radix meals GMO-free?

Yes, Radix meals are GMO-free. They are also made with all-natural ingredients with no artificial adventives, preservatives, or flavours.

How many servings in each meal?

Each meal is one serving, with 400kcal, 600kcal and 800kcal serving options available across our meal ranges.

How long does it take to prepare?

We recommend waiting five minutes for ingredients to fully rehydrate, but this may vary from time to time with the nature of our products and their seasonality.


Product taste and texture will improve over the five-minute waiting period however you may eat them as quickly as you like. Breakfasts can be eaten virtually immediately if you wish.

What is the shelf like of a Radix meal?

Our meals have a shelf life of 2 years. Thanks to our advanced freeze-drying technology, we achieve this with absolutely no preservatives.


Providing packaging is intact and meals are stored below 25°C, meals may be safe to be consumed past their best before date; however, nutritional quality and flavour may be reduced.

How much does a Radix meal weigh?

The exact weight of our meals can be found on the packaging. The average gross weights (before rehydration) are as follows:


Original 400 meals – 97 grams

Original 400 breakfasts – 102 grams

Original 600 meals – 137 grams


Keto 400 meals – 88 grams

Keto 600 meals – 124 grams


Ultra 800 meals – 158 grams

Ultra 800 breakfasts – 175 grams

Is Radix meal packaging recyclable?

Yes, Radix meals are recycled under soft plastic recycling schemes.

Are Radix meals suitable for children?

Absolutely! Radix meals are made with all natural ingredients are the perfect stress free meal option for children and busy parents!

Can I prepare a Radix meal with cold water?

Yes, Radix meals can safely be prepared with cold water if necessary, however, the taste and texture may not be as good. We recommend using hot water for the best experience (excluding breakfasts, which are great either way).

Protein Powder Questions

Should I be taking a protein powder supplement?

Most people will benefit from using protein powder, especially those looking to get more protein in their diets. It is especially important for those who are active, as it aids recovery and provides the building blocks for muscle tissue.

How is our whey protein different to others?

Made from ultra-filtered whey protein isolate, ultra-filtered whey protein concentrate & ultra-filtered milk protein concentrate, our whey protein complex has been designed to provide the highest amino acid profile across all essential amino acids and BCAA’s. With an exceptionally high DIAAS score of 1.61, our protein has industry-leading quality.

How is our plant protein different to others?

Made from precisely defined concentrations of yellow pea protein isolate and brown rice protein isolate, our plant protein complex is also designed to provide a complete amino acid profile with exceptionally high digestibility of DIAAS 1.30. This scores higher than traditional pure whey isolate.

What is DIAAS and why do we use it?

DIAAS stands for Digestible Indispensable Amino Acid Score and is the gold standard method of measuring protein quality. Effectively, it evaluates the proportion of consumed amino acids absorbed and utilised by the body. At Radix, we use the DIAAS score to guide the development of the most effective, technologically advanced protein on the market. Our protein formulations are of the highest quality, providing your body with the building blocks it needs to function at its best. By achieving a class-leading amino acid profile and ensuring exceptionally high digestibility, our protein powders can now unlock a new level of performance for athletes.

When should you use our protein powder?

Protein powder can be used by anyone, any time. It is a useful tool to increase the amount of protein in your diet and fulfil your body’s demands for amino acids. It is most commonly used post-training, to maximise muscle protein synthesis for optimal growth and recovery. However, it also makes a great snack or addition to a meal!

Do I have to mix it with water?

No, protein powder is very versatile and can be used in a number of ways. Mix it with water, milk, or other liquid to make a shake, or use it in cooking to add flavour and protein to your recipes.  

Recovery Smoothie Questions

What makes our recovery smoothies unique?

Our recovery smoothies are engineered to give your body everything it needs to recover from demanding activity. Our protein complexes have been designed to provide the highest amino acid profile across all essential amino acids and BCAA’s. Unlike traditional protein shakes, we’ve also added an exceptional blend of natural superfoods. With polyphenols, antioxidants, and a vast array of vitamins and minerals, these ingredients re-define traditional recovery nutrition by optimising metabolic performance

When should you use our Recovery Smoothies?

Our Recovery Smoothies can be used by anyone, any time. They are most commonly used post-training, to give your body the nutrients it needs to optimally recover and adapt. However, they also makes a great snack or addition to a meal!

Order & Delivery Questions

Can I buy in person at Radix HQ or click and collect my order?

Yes, you can pop in during business hours or you can order online and tick the "Pick up in-Store" tab, and your order will be packed and waiting for you upon your arrival. We are located in Hamilton, two minutes off State Highway One.

Where do you ship too, how much does it cost and when will I receive my order?

Orders placed before 2pm will be dispatched on the same day.


We sell product to:
New Zealand (1-4 days)

Australia (4-14 days)

United Kingdom (10-15 days)

Europe (10-15 days)

United States of America (10-15 days)

Rest of World (10-20 days)


For more information on shipping timeframes and costs please visit the Shipping and Returns page.

Can I amend or cancel my order?

We work quicklety to pick and pack your order, often in the same day. Unfortunately, this means your order can't be amended or cancelled once you've placed it. This includes swapping products, changing your delivery address, and changing payment methods.


You can return any unwanted orders to us for a refund.

Can I return my order?

Yes. We can happily exchange or refund any order within 30 days of purchase, with the exception of personalised products and accessories. All we ask is that products are unopened and in the same condition we send them.

There is an issue or defect with my product, will you help me?


Please let us know at or +64 (0)7 981 1282 and we will help you with whatever your concern or issue you have found. Our business hours are Monday to Friday, 07:30 to 16:00 NZST and we offer dedicated customer service and technical support during these hours.

We will ensure you always have a world-class product of exceptional quality that you can trust.

We will either replace the defective product at no-charge or otherwise look to help you as best we can and with minimum hassle or effort on your part. We are here to help you.

Can I take Radix through customs?

You should declare Radix’s meals as personal food items that are fully cooked, freeze-dried and ready to eat.

Countries do have import laws around food and animal products, and we recommend you check your destination ahead of time.

If we can help you further or you would like a producer statement to support your situation please contact us.

What is the status of my order and how to I track shipping?

Once your order has been dispatched, you’ll receive a shipping notification with your tracking number. If you have any issues tracking please contact us at and we will be happy to help you.

How do I manage my subscription?

Please log in to your account to manage your subscription. Here you can update your details, skip a delivery or cancel your subscription.

Have a question we haven't answered?

You can email us at or get real time support via Live Chat. We are more than happy to help.