Cutting-edge nutrition for optimal health, for every individual and everywhere. Products are functionally important to support all stages of your day.

With individual products and meal packs, we provide cost-effective ways to achieve your nutritional goals every day and every where.

Cutting-edge nutrition for optimal health, for every individual, everywhere and functionally important to support all stages of your day.

With individual products and meal packs, we provide cost-effective ways to achieve your nutritional goals every day and every where.

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Nutrition to provide sustained energy and support cognitive function. The best nutrition to start everyday to enable optimal health and performance!


Lunch & Light Meals

400-600kcal meals to support daily activity and performance. Nutrition to support energy levels, alertness, cognitive and athletic performance. An essential addition to your everyday nutritional strategy!

Dinner & Main Meals

600-800kcal meals to support daily energy replenishment and recovery. An essential addition to your everyday nutritional strategy to promote optimal health for performance!


Meal Packs

The most cost-effective way to enable your best performance through optimal health! Packs range from starter packs to 14-day nutritional solutions.


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Our entire range of scientifically designed nutritional products for every individual, every day and for optimal health and best performance!

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Performance 600

Our most cutting edge product yet! Utilising the most up to date research and best-quality whole food ingredients, we have developed a product that is more nutritionally dense, flavoursome and recognisable in texture than ever before!


This product will not only support optimal performance through health, but will become a staple in your everyday life! With 600kcals from high-quality whole-foods, this product range is perfect for lunch and dinner.


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How to Prepare

Radix was designed to be simple to use. We believe that to be a truly effective product you should be able to take it with you wherever you go and prepare a meal with minimal effort practically anywhere. We hope we have achieved this – nevertheless we continue to work on improving it every day.

Product Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Lunch and Dinner?

Energy and size!


Radix recommends 400kcal - 600kcal meals for lunch to support daily energy requirements and satiety.


Radix recommends 600kcal - 800kcal meals for dinner to support daily energy replenishment and recovery.


Radix recommends the intake of smaller and more frequent meals with increasing energy requirements where possible.

Can Breakfast products be consumed at other meal times?



Our breakfasts can also be consumed as a "sweet" meal for after exercise or as a healthy dessert. Our Mixed Berry Breakfasts are often preferred soon after intense exercise compared to savoury dishes and contribute a great carbohydrate profile for maximal glycogen replenishment.

Which Meal Pack is the best for athletes?

Performance 7-day Pack!


The performance range has been specifically designed to support elite athletic function.


We recommend training with products that you may use on race day to ensure they digest well for you. We also recommend optimising your health with high-quality nutrition at least a couple of days before you race, therefore we recommend the Performance 7-day pack for athletes wanting to perform at their peak!


If your sport demands extremely high energy output, or does not allow for frequent meal consumption, then our high energy Expedition 7-day Pack may be suitable.

Which Meal Pack is best for weight-loss?

Keto and Performance 400 Starter Packs!


Consistency is key! Our meal packs provide an easy way to stick to your daily nutritional goals, everyday.


Radix recommends consuming smaller more frequent meals to maintain regular energy levels, satiety and prevent over-indulgence; detrimental to weight-loss.


Research has shown benefits to following a keto-diet and improved fat loss while maintaining lean body mass.

Are Radix products Gluten-Free?



Radix does not handle any ingredients containing gluten on site. All products undergo laboratory testing and return a nil-detection result.


We believe you are far safer trusting a Radix Nutrition product to be gluten-free than a café, restaurant or other operations.

Can I take my Meal Pack on holiday?

In New Zealand, Yes!


Travelling Abroad? You should declare Radix’s meals as personal food items that are fully cooked, freeze-dried and ready to eat.

Countries do have import laws around food and animal products, and we recommend you check your destination ahead of time.

If we can help you further or you would like a producer statement to support your situation please contact us.

What's Inside our Meals

Nutrition to Help you All Day

400-800 kcal

Designed for all athletes, various energy demands and everyday nutrition.

Complete Protein Source

From wild, organic, grass-fed & free-range meats and quality plant-based proteins.

At Least 2 Servings of Fruits & Vegetables

The simplest way to boost your daily essential nutrient intake.

Freeze-Dried Whole-Foods

Enabling the best nutrient encapsulation; quality that can be better than fresh food!

All-Natural Ingredients

Healthy nutrition from the best-quality natural ingredients. The way it should be.

Cutting Edge Nutrition

Developed from the latest research and forever evolving to push the boundaries of science, nutrition and health.

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