Supporting endurance athletes for peak performance. Products reflect the increased energy requirements associated with endurance activity. High-quality carbohydrate and protein provide the nutrients for optimal energy production, cognitive function, immunity, musculoskeletal health, and recovery!

Scientifically designed nutrition to support endurance athletes for peak performance. Products reflect the increased energy requirements associated with endurance activity. High-quality carbohydrate and protein provide the nutrients for optimal energy production, cognitive function, immunity, musculoskeletal health, and recovery!


Made with all-natural, high-quality ingredients and no meal prep required, all our meals are the easiest way to achieve your nutritional goals on race day, on the road, and every day; enabling your best potential.

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Nutrition to support stamina, short high-intensity pushes, and recovery. With high-quality, nutrient-dense and convenient products, we support your performance with nutrition options for every meal and every location.



Nutrition for performance in all forms of elite cycling. Meals support complex and high energy demands associated with cycling and also assist in preserving and repairing muscle allowing for optimal and rapid recovery.


Supporting all forms of running performance. Nutrient-dense meals support various metabolic demands including increased fat oxidation, rapid energy production and energy for optimal muscular function to enable your best performance.

Adventure Racing

Supporting the highest energy demands. While fuelling opportunities may vary, nutrition quality cannot. Therefore, we have selected products to provide options that ensure optimal health and nutrition for all meals.


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Our entire range of scientifically designed nutritional products for every individual, every day and for optimal health and best performance!

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The best nutrition to optimise your health for best performance! We understand your passion demands large volumes energy and takes you to some of the most remote corners of our country and world! Because of this, you need your body to be functioning at its best, yet, optimal nutrition can be challenging.


Our meals take out the complexity of elite nutrition by providing convenient, whole-food, nutrient dense meals that enable you optimal health and subsequently unlock your best performance!


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Winning, losing and everything in between... Behind the scenes with our Radix Nutrition Athletes.

The Biggest Crash in Years!


Watch Ryan Sissons & Sam Osborne take on their first endurance multistage mountain bike rice fuelled by Radix Nutrition.

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Skippered by Stacey Jackson, the all-female team: Ocean Respect Racing, took on the 2018 Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race.

How to Prepare

Radix was designed to be simple to use. We believe that to be a truly effective product you should be able to take it with you wherever you go and prepare a meal with minimal effort practically anywhere. We hope we have achieved this – nevertheless we continue to work on improving it every day.

Endurance Frequently Asked Questions

My sport isn't listed, which product should I buy?

For athletic performance and endurance - try the Performance 400 or 600 ranges depending on your energy requirements.


For extreme energy demands and sports that have minimal fuelling opportunities, try the Expeditionrange!

Who are Radix products intended for?

Any person who seeks to improve their health or athletic performance!


They are intended for everyday life as well as for athletes and performers in extreme and challenging environments where they recognise the value of their personal output and performance.

How do I prepare my meal in the outdoors?

Simply add water!

If your product is a lunch or dinner (savoury) you will need to add hot or boiling water as per the instructions on the back of the pack.


If you do not have access to hot water, our meals are perfectly safe to be rehydrated with cold water. They may take longer to rehydrate and don’t taste as nice but it is certainly possible and often done.


For the breakfast range, you may add cold or warm water but we do not recommend boiling. You may also choose to rehydrate breakfasts with any kind of milk you may prefer. It does not have to be water; the choice is yours!

Do you have race day packs?



We have multiple meal pack options ranging from starter packs through to 14-day pack options!


Radix recommends training on products that you may use on race day to ensure they digest well for you. We also recommend optimising your health with high-quality nutrition at least a couple of days before you race to enable your best performance.

Is the packaging degradable? 



We are unhappy about this and it is something that we care about a great deal.


We are stuck by the fact that we need a high-performance barrier against moisture and oxygen that only an aluminium foil laminate can easily provide. We are actively looking for materials that can provide the barrier we require while either using less material or using recyclable materials.


As a design principle, we use the minimum amount of packaging material at all times.

What is the shelf-life of Radix products?

Two years from the time of manufacture!

Providing packaging is intact and meals are stored below 25°C, meals may be safe to be consumed past their best before date; however, nutritional quality and flavour may be reduced.

What's Inside our Meals

Nutrition to Help you All Day

400-800 kcal

Designed for all athletes, various energy demands and everyday nutrition.

Complete Protein Source

From wild, organic, grass-fed & free-range meats and quality plant-based proteins.

At Least 2 Servings of Fruits & Vegetables

The simplest way to boost your daily essential nutrient intake.

Freeze-Dried Whole-Foods

Enabling the best nutrient encapsulation; quality that can be better than fresh food!

All-Natural Ingredients

Healthy nutrition from the best-quality natural ingredients. The way it should be.

Cutting Edge Nutrition

Developed from the latest research and forever evolving to push the boundaries of science, nutrition and health.

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